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Led by Adrian Karunavira

This 5-day silent retreat is aiming to replicate the conditions found in the residential setting we had planned before Covid-19. We want to build a community of practice and maintain a live sense of a silent retreat during the week. We will be limiting the numbers of participants in order to maintain a sense of personal connection and mentoring. With care and commitment we will together create supportive conditions for gradually deepening our mindfulness practice and insights through the week.

This 5-day retreat will use the structure of the 4 places of establishing mindfulness (Satipatthana 4 Foundations).

23-27 October 2020

Silent Retreat

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Developing the skill of being aware of your experiences (pleasant, unpleasant and neutral) from moment to moment.

The main intention is to create and maintain conditions for refreshing, deepening and broadening our Mindfulness practice both inside and outside our formal ‘practice’ times.

Silence can be a challenge for some people at first, because it is a new and unfamiliar experience. Staying in silence can be confused. This is especially true when the primary association with silence is uncomfortable. However, our experience tells us that most people appreciate the silence of the retreat.

We will build a sense of practicing together and being on retreat together between the formal sessions by each of us having an personal plan for what and how we do things between ‘teaching sessions’. This plan is worked out individually in relation to the people in our family or those you live with. We will practice together mostly in silence, using stillness and movement and the transitions of arriving and leaving, eating, and resting as part of the retreat.

The retreat will include guided and silent practice, with periods of walking, to bring practice right into the experience of everyday life. Near to the start of the day (not first thing) there will be short orientation to the theme for the day Silence is a main supportive feature of the retreat and how this can work in your individual homes will be explained in detail in an orientation e mail. At this stage, it is important to know that it is a warm friendly silence that you will keep control over and plan in accordance with your family and anyone you have to care for. At all times, there will be the possibility to speak to the Teacher (Karunavira - Kv) or the retreat support and organiser (Vítor Bertocchini) should this be needed.

Who can Benefit?

  • The retreat will be especially relevant to those who have a regular Mindfulness practice
  • The retreat will be relevant to those who are teaching or
  • have begun to teach mindfulness courses (i.e. MBSR/MBCT or others)
  • Anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of being in silence and reduce the discursive mind

The retreat is one of the requirements of Level One certification for those registered on the Teacher Trainer Pathway (MBCT or MBSR), through UNIV. CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO - MBPTI, CMRP BANGOR UNIV. and THE MINDFULNESS NETWORK.

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See part of our mindful movements practices - Chi Kung

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Meet the Teacher

A. Karunavira

Karunavira is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable instructor that you can find internationally and exceptionally skilled at creating a safe learning environment, supportive and deeply engaging, allowing participants to seek, explore and inquire.

YEARS of continuous MBSR & MBCT teaching | +190 8-week courses taught

YEARS of Tai Chi and Chi Kung practice Iyengar Yoga teacher


  • DIRECTOR OF Mindful Health LLP.
+ Informations about Karunavira: Bangor + CV

5-day Silent Retreat - Online Live

(Fees + Registration)
€50 “Early-Bird Discount” if you book on
or before 30th September 2020
On or Before 30th September 2020 After 30th September 2020




  • Upon submission of your registration your application will be reviewed for prerequisites and you will be contacted when it has been formally accepted;
  • The retreat takes place with a minimum and maximum of participants;
  • The program is subject to minor changes;
  • In the application form select the Event – Silent Retreat.

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Testimonials from the last online live silent retreat

Thank you both for giving me and so many the opportunity of connecting with your kindness in guiding us through a silent retreat within the setting of our homes. There really is a tangible sense of mindfulness expanding more fully into the busyness of daily life, more so than following away retreats. I perhaps miss the community of practice you offered more too. There were so many discoveries and gifts for me. I mentioned I think three and forgot to say how much I appreciated your beautiful notes, and each time I read them I find something new. I loved the choice of poems and realise that in ... ‘as the river flows’ … it doesn’t say whether ‘the surprise of its own unfolding’ refers to pleasant or unpleasant!

Well, it has been a great online retreat and this afternoon, the feeling was quite strong: I noticed that I was already missing the afternoon practices and some sadness emerged, then some deep gratitude. I wish the retreat could last a full week. I send you all my gratitude for having taken care of us this week. You are both a great source of inspiration to me as a mindfulness teacher. Your warmth, sense of humour, lightness, playfulness and deep sense of caring have a huge impact on my teaching style but more importantly on my life. I do hope we’ll see each other soon for workshops, retreats, etc…

Thank you both so much for an inspiring week and for sharing all the materials. The retreat was a profound lesson in life as practice. I'm missing your heartful, wise stewardship, the community, and the laughter, at the same time there are many resonances, including new friendship and more curiosity and joy in change and flow; aided by coconut milk and cornflakes and other everyday things. The only change I might have asked for would be for seven days instead of five!! I do hope you will do another one, of whatever length. I already have permission from family to be quiet more often :)

I just wanted to thank you again for a remarkable, kind and nurturing retreat. I felt enormously privileged to learn from your and KVs' wisdom, enjoy your humour and be nourished by the community you both brought together. I am particularly pleased to report that (to my enormous surprise) chi kung was maintained this morning, using the link you kindly provided of KV's video. Thank you yet again for all these resources, which I will take my time to explore.

I just wanted to say thank you once again for last weeks silent retreat, which I found very interesting and inspiring. I loved the balance of movement and formal practice, the clear delivery of teachings and the beautiful choice of poems and readings. In particular, I found the gentleness and kindness that was brought in to all of the practices deeply powerful and nourishing and this helped me to let go of the more subtle areas of striving and trying. You have really shown that online retreats do work very well.

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How to Reduce Stress & Flourish using Mindfulness | ONLINE LIVE

Led by Karunavira - Bangor University + Mindful Health

September-November 2020

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